Civil Engineers - Surveyors - Land Planners

Daley Morrow Poblete, Inc. (DMP, Inc.) has been providing consulting services in the Civil Engineering and Surveying disciplines, to a wide variety of clients, for over 30 years throughout the State of Washington, with particular emphasis within the Puget Sound area.  During that time, we have provided comprehensive engineering, surveying and planning services to both public and private sector clients for clearing and grading, roads and streets, storm sewer facilities, water systems, and sanitary sewer facilities for residnetial plats, commercial and light industrial site developments of all kinds.  Our survey services have included industrial site developments of all kinds.  Our survey services have included topographic surveys for site grading and engineering retracement and boundary surveys, construction layout and control systems, construction as-built surveys and ALTA surveys.  Our team's extensive experience in engineering and sureying, with the focus on western Washiington counties and municipalities, has given us a broad background in area procedures, needs and permitting processes.

We have provided our professional services to many public entities, builders, developers and individuals mostly throughout King County and Pierce County.  Within the past few years, over 300 projects have been performed and completed within 17 municipal areas within King County and 6 municipal areas within Pierce County.  These projects included residential plats, apartment sites, senior housing, service stations, school sites, church sites, etc.

The firm's founder, Mel L. Daley, P.E., is a registered professional engineer with 35 plus years of experience.  The firm's President, Alex Poblete, P.E., has a Masters Degree in Engineering and has been a registered professional engineer since 1984.  The firm's Vice-President, Paul E. Morrow, P.L.S., has been a registered professional land surveyor since 1985.  The firm's Senior Project Manager, Mr. Gary Gill, P.E., was the City Engineer at the City of Kent for 30 plus years prior to joining DMP. Inc.  We have additional staff, which includes registered professional engineers, professional licensed surveyors, design engineers, CADD operators, office surveyors and experienced field survey crew members.

Our office is equipped with computer system stations, containing the latest versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D in order to provide our clients with the most efficient project possible.  Our field crews operate Topcon 211D Total Station with Tripod Data Systems Data Collectors.